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Got a ticket? Been ordered by a judge/court to complete a Traffic Violator School course? Our Internet-based traffic school program is your answer! Completing this course will even get you a discount on your insurance premiums, if your insurer allows this benefit.

Comedy School Online's Online Traffic Violator School Course is simple, fast, and fun! It combines easy-to-read text and informative charts with colorful illustrations and driving related humor. You can sign out and log-in at your convenience, and the program is accessible 24 7 from any Web-enabled device. Best of all, it's a snap to complete (even if you're new to the Internet). So, grab a soda and some snacks—you're sure to enjoy this course!



Our DMV-licensed traffic violator school (TVS) booklet course is licensed for use statewide. The informative, easy-to-read text is supplemented with helpful charts and interesting photos, and the hilarious cartoons and traffic-related jokes will have you laughing while you learn. Best of all, you can read the booklet anywhere: the beach, the backyard, or while traveling on a bus, train, or airplane—just not behind the wheel! Nothing could be easier!



¿Tiene una citación? Ha sido ordenado por un juez / tribunal de completar un curso de escuela de tráfico para infractores? Nuestro programa de seguridad vial a través de la Internet es su respuesta! Terminando este curso incluso podrá obtener un descuento en sus primas de seguro, si su compañía de seguros permite este beneficio.

Este Curso de Escuela para Infractores de Tráfico en Línea de Comedy School Online es simple, rápido y divertido! Combina texto fácil de leer y cartas informativas con coloridas ilustraciones y humor relacionado a la conducción. Usted puede inscribirse y acceder al sistema a su conveniencia, y la accesibilidad del programa 24 7 desde cualquier dispositivo habilitado para la Internet. Lo mejor de todo, es rápido de terminar (incluso si usted es nuevo en la Internet). Por lo tanto, tome un refresco y algunos aperitivos, está seguro de disfrutar de este curso!



Nuestro curso de librete de la escuela de tráfico para infractores con licencia del DMV (TVS) tiene licencia para su uso en todo el estado. El texto informativo, de lectura fácil, está complementado con útiles gráficos y fotos interesantes, y las historietas hilarantes y chistes relacionados con el tráfico le hará reír mientras aprende. Lo mejor de todo es que puede leer el libro en cualquier lugar: la playa, el patio trasero, o mientras viaja en un autobús, tren o avión--- no al volante! Nada podría ser más fácil!



Comedy Traffic School (Traffic Safety Consultants, Inc.) is one of the nation's largest and most respected traffic school providers. We started with a simple philosophy: Engage the students in the learning process by challenging them to confront their unsafe attitudes, and safer drivers will result. Thirty years and over 2 million graduates later, that basic philosophy has transformed us into an industry leader in innovative traffic safety education, technology, and curriculum development.

Comedy Traffic School offers a superior classroom program by employing the top traffic school instructors in the nation. Charismatic and entertaining speakers armed with a trunk-load of traffic jokes, our teachers deliver our lesson plan with energy, passion, and a dash of humor. Our copyrighted "Flipchart" presentation and educational videos ensure consistency from class to class, and allow students to follow along with the help of audio-visual supplements. After all, we want you to be entertained and laugh while you learn!

We want to make your traffic school experience not only fun, but easy. That's why we hold classes at hundreds of locations through California. It's also why we offer a range of times to fit your busy schedule: Saturdays, Sunday, weekdays, and evenings. And we have operators standing by Mon-Fri 8AM - 5PM (PT) to schedule your traffic school session.

Most importantly, you can rest assured that your time with us will be well spent. Our lesson plan has demonstrated a significant reduction in the number of traffic citations and crashes experienced by our graduates. That means you're seriously less like to have a run-in with the law--or another vehicle-- after passing our course. So, sit back, relax, and have a good laugh on us. We'll have you back on the road in no time!

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